Adventor CRM overview

Norwayhttp://www.adventor.noLaunched Pilot Phase
Austriahttp://www.adventor.atComing soon
Belgiumhttp://www.adventor.beComing soon
Finlandhttp://www.adventor.fiComing soon
Francehttp://www.adventor.frComing soon
Germanyhttp://www.adventor.deComing soon
Icelandhttp://www.adventor.isComing soon
Italyhttp://www.adventor.itComing soon
Polandhttp://www.adventor.plComing soon
Portugalhttp://www.adventor.ptComing soon
Romaniahttp://www.adventor.roComing soon
Spainhttp://www.adventor.esComing soon
Switzerlandhttp://www.adventor.chComing soon
Swedenhttp://www.adventor.seFirst Pilot Secured
United Kingdom soon
Europe Overview

Do you want to run your own company?

Adventor CRM provide tools to handle sales, support and delivery in small and mid-sized businesses. We are not your typical CRM provider – we try to think differently, and we focus on the needs of smaller businesses where humans have multiple roles.

We will provide the software, developers, servers, brand, websites, blogs and marketing elements. All you need to do is sell to and serve your customers, and some translating from English. You will have the rights to the Adventor brand in your region.

You can influence the choice of partners and integrations in your nation, but keep in mind that we prefer partners that can cover more than one specific region if possible. We want you to succeed – that is why we provide some awesome good terms for you!

Our values are: Simple, User-friendly, Fast!

You dream of running your own business – we want you to feel that this is your business. You need a passion for customer service and business management and be able to provide feedback to our developers. You can expect to be able to influence the software development.

We will require a “one-time fee” that vary depending on region. You will also be obliged to put a percentage of your income into a development fund. This percentage is the same in all regions and will go to central marketing administration and further research and development.

When can you start?

We are currently running the solution on a few local pilot customers in Norway. We will see spring in 2018 before we have a market ready product. If you can afford to finance a period with no income you can start as soon as we agree, or you can wait. Either way expect 2-3 months of national/local adaptions and it might be a good idea to start looking for your first customer as soon as possible. There is no rush – right actions are better than fast actions.

What do you need to make money?

This depend on average size of your customers, but you should be able to provide a living with about 40 customers. Our long-term goal is 10.000 customers in the countries listed.

How much money do you need to start?

This depends on the market you want to “own” – But you must be able to pay for the rights and be able to make a living until you have enough customers. You can get the details from us. You can start part-time or even as a new area in an existing business.

Do you want to create your own business with us?

7 + 1 = ?

There is no obligations in contacting us. We will be looking for the right fit as well as finding out if we are the right fit for you. Do not perform any actions until a final agreement is signed.