Adventor AS is a Norwegian based start-up that is collaborating with developers in Norway and in Poland. Our location is in the town of Molde on the west coast. Adventor AS have investors, funding and is a part of a start-up cluster network called “Protomore”.

Our ambitions are to provide simple, yet effective tools to small and mid-sized businesses. We consider Europe to have a potential of 10.000 customers and a total revenue of 38 million euro and growing.

We are trying to be different. We prefer simple and user-friendly solutions. We do not look to our competition to see how they solve problems, we look to our customers. Adventor shall be a brand that is well known for providing excellent customer service to our customers’ customers.

We have a twist in our idea that granted us with an innovation support funding here in Norway – this should be a teaser enough to get you interested.

Adventor AS is founded by Frode Heimen, he has 20+ years of experience in sales, customer service and business management.

“To succeed, I must include, and never be alone. To create a winning team I must connect, engage and find people that want to win together. I know that this is something I must share with others”  – Frode Heimen