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Adventor's Journey

In the world of glittering lights, where dreams are turned into realities and the impossible becomes unforgettable experiences, a remarkable journey began in 2017 when a group of young visionaries came together to build a shining example of creativity in the traditionally established event management and production field. They called it Adventor, which has now become a name that resonates with creativity and limitless possibilities. But can an agency, armed with ambition and a relentless spirit, truly reshape people’s experience like never before?

In 2017, Iftikhar Ifty & Mozammel Haque Johny, two founders of Adventor, used two enthusiastic freelancers. Who later on raised investment to found Adventor as a full-fledged running agency and took their first office at Gulshan. Unfortunately, even if it didn’t work out between the investors, which made them soon leave the organisation, they found their Third partner, Abdullah Al Mamun. Later on, three of them rejoined and started operating from an office at Dhanmondi on a very small scale with very few employees.

On the other hand, AdBox, which was a separate entity of Mozammel Haque Jhonny, soon found its other partner, Nehal Hossain. Together, they worked for many local clients, mostly on music videos.

It didn’t take them long to realise that Adventor and AdBox occasionally required each other’s support for various works. Hence, they decided to merge Adventor and AdBox. That’s how, being AdBox, one of its concerns, Adventor became Adventor Global Limited, and Nehal Hossain became the fourth partner.

Soon, AdBox started picking up the business. They were getting studio-based work the most. A few renowned clients were Banglalink, BAT & Yamaha during the initial days.

UCL Nights was the first-ever event organised by Adventor Global Limited, even though it was a medium-scale event. Exploring the horizon of event management successfully made them realise to tap into the event management segment of Bangladesh. Since then, Adventor Communications was added under the umbrella of Adventor Global Limited as another concern to operate and cater to all event management-related clients.

While brainstorming the possibilities of event management, they realised their love for music. They decided to host a more significant event, and that’s how Rock & Rhythm was launched in 2022 with a crowd of 12,000+ audience, which turned out to be a huge success. With the realisation of such capabilities and possibilities, there was no more looking back ever since.

Later, in 2023, Rock & Rhythm 2 and Rock & Rhythm 3 were launched. While launching Rock & Rhythm 2, the organisation needed a more convenient ticketing service to control the enormous crowd engaging with their events. Setting a true example of how every problem can be solved with the team’s ambition and relentless spirit, Adventor Innovator was launched with their first tech product, Tickify.

Tickify started its journey with Rock & Rhythm 3 with a seamless, easy monetary transaction. Tickify was a big success. Later, Tickify also started working as a ticketing partner for other events. The possibilities were proven when it successfully supported Adventor Communication’s first-ever International concert, “Anuv Jain, Live in Dhaka.” Around 30,000+ tickets were booked through Tickify.

Gradually, Adventor Communications and Tickify are exploring more sectors as well. They started getting involved in other successful events like The D1 Cup, The second international show in the same year, The Darshan Raval Concert and more. Some clients like UNDP, Fresh, and other international clients have joined the portfolio over the years and plan to start working with SEO services.

With days passing by and getting more clients after lines of successful events and projects, it was time for Adventor Global Limited to grow. Including other teams like Video Production and sales, 35+ employees are currently a part of the Adventor family.

Recently, a fifth partner, Gaulib Haider, will join Adventor Global Limited as a CEO. His experience and resources will be an excellent asset for Adventor Global Limited to thrive and grow even more.

Another milestone was hit when Adventor Global Limited expanded overseas to Dubai in 2023. They are optimistic about exploring our scope there and growing gradually